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We have different appointment options to inspire and create a special moment for you and your entourage no matter what your budget is. We believe in offering an experience where you feel like a queen and can easily open your heart, have fun, and keep the spark of love alive. Much like falling in love, finding your dream dress happens when you let it. Let us do all of the heavy lifting while you sip champagne, and party with your entourage.

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Our VIP Elite Experience

Every bride should feel a sense of luxury while looking for her dream dress. Our team of stylists are ready to help you find your dress and have your big moment, tears flowing and all. Your personal stylist will listen to your vision, and help pull the perfect dresses to guide you along the way. If you would like to add champagne, appetizers or a dessert platter be sure to check out our "a la carte" menu options. You can customize your very own VIP experience.

Classic Appointment - Free

package one

For our brides looking to have a little bigger bite of luxury on their special day can book our Premiere VIP Experience. You will have an additional stylist to help pull your perfect dream dresses, have a private area with your entourage, and you can all "pop, fizz, clink" together with champagne and appetizers. This is such a fun package to help make your special moment unforgettable. 

Premiere VIP Experience - $400

package two

Are you ready to feel like a queen? Imagine having the entire bridal shop closed down for you and your entourage. Champagne flowing, appetizers, desserts, and our complete and undivided attention to help you find the perfect dress for your special day. This can also be a great gift idea if everyone from the group wants to chip in all together. Not only will this moment be unforgettable for you, but it will also be one for the books for your entourage too!

Elite VIP Experience - $2000

package three


We have our very own accessory department to help finish the ultimate bridal look for your special day. We have veils, jewelry, and hair accessories ready for you to play with. In this appointment, we will have a dedicated accessory stylist ready to help give expert advice and show you how to bring your vision all together in one cohesive look. 

Accessory Appointment - Free

package one

If you are wanting to make picking out your accessories more of an experience, we have created a fun appointment to help give you a taste of luxury, and also a memorable moment with your entourage. Who doesn't want to sip champagne and indulge in some chocolate decadence while looking at one of a kind jewelry to help bring your bridal look all together? 

Exquisite Accessory Appt - $200

package two

alteration appointments & custom design

What truly sets us apart from other stores in the area is our expert custom alterations department. This is where we can take your dress and make it hug you in all the right curves and places. Finding a dress that fits you like a glove doesn't happen right off the rack - it happens with custom alterations. If you are wanting to add something unique to make your dress a one of a kind, we can also talk with you and make our expert suggestions. 

Alteration Appointment - Free

package one

At Janene’s Bridal Boutique we are believe in creating a truly custom experience to our brides. Our designer, Janene has designed and made custom dresses from scratch since her sewing expedition started back when she was a child. She has the eye and the talent to design and craft a truly stunning and one-of-a-kind bridal gown for your special day.

You will bring 5-10 different magazine clippings or pictures of different tops, bottoms, straps and backs that they in vision. At that point you will also talk about materials and any kind of bead work that you are thinking. Janene will combine your vision and sketch a dress for your review. Once the custom design is created, Janene will work with you through the time we have and within that time squeeze about 4-5 fittings the last being close to the wedding to ensure it will fit on the day as it should. When you design a dress from scratch you have the say through the process of exactly how you want it. 

Custom Design Gowns

package two

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The perfect dress is always possible with alterations and tailoring. This will make your dress hug you in all the right places. 

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Your bridal jewelry will become a family heirloom that is passed down one day. We have beautiful options as well as custom designs. 

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We have several options to help you find your dream dress including our exclusive VIP packages to make you feel like a queen.

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Bridal Dress Appointments

Accessory Appointments

Alteration Appointments

Your wedding dress should capture the feeling of your love story.


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