I wanted to give a sneak peek behind the curtain of business in the bridal industry. This company is different than most and I wanted to share a few reasons why it is so cool to work for them. 

Love is at the center of it all. When you work in the business of weddings you are really working in a business of love. We are surrounded by symbols of love all day long. We hear love stories everyday. Even in this turbulent and uncertain time with the pandemic, love can’t be taken away. The love story can’t be deleted or removed even if the wedding date has to be changed. Love is very powerful and working here keeps hope alive. Love is powerful and we see it everyday. Every bride that walks through the door has a love story where despite the odds, love has won. They found their person and are wanting to share that love story through celebration. Who wouldn’t love celebrating love everyday at work? 

It’s all about the bride. When I first came to work here at Janene’s Bridal Boutique, I realized right away that things were different. Yes this is a business and yet the customer truly does come first in word and actions.  Stephani, the owner and CEO, has done an amazing job of creating a place for brides to come where it is all about the brides and their experience. I expected sales quotas, commissions, and competition. What I found was the opposite. Behind the scenes, the sales staff is taught to help each other out, less competition and more collaboration to make sure that the bride feels special and not hustled. We are encouraged to really support the bride, to do the research and to make sure she feels special, even on budget. It doesn’t matter if a bride is shopping with an $800 budget or the “skies the limit”  budget, they are all treated like royalty. 

The stylists love it here and don’t want to leave. The stylists are amazing and really care about the brides. They constantly talk about expanding our sample sizes to accommodate more brides and to make sure that they feel good when trying on dresses. Don’t get me wrong, the work is hard with heavy dresses and the pressure to help each bride find their unique dress, however there is ease because they LOVE what they do and it shows. There is excitement as the stylists work together as a team to make sure it all gets done. At the end of the day, we all walk out with smiles and contentment that we participated in such an important moment in people’s lives. The stylists at this shop stay FOREVER or as long as they can. I will never forget a month ago a stylist was leaving due to a move. She didn’t want to leave, even on her last day she worked past her time and was trying to help set up the stylists on the next day. Typically people check out when they know they are leaving – but not here. I was blown away by the dedication and loyalty to the store and owner. 

I know that I am new to this industry, but I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised and happy to have the kind of work experience that I love to come to everyday. This is a store that helps brides celebrate their love story.

This is a business with heart and soul.

You can do both, have a business and a heart. 

Cheer to love! 

xo Traci

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