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Filed in Sustainable — November 13, 2023

“Saying ‘I Do’ Sustainably: Your Guide to an Eco-Chic Wedding”


At Janene’s Bridal, we believe in the beauty of love and in celebrating it in a way that cherishes our planet. The growing trend of eco-friendly weddings aligns perfectly with our commitment to elegance and environmental consciousness. If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s not just beautiful but also eco-conscious, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to plan a sustainable celebration of your love.

Choosing an Earth-Friendly Venue

Selecting a venue with a touch of nature can enhance the ambiance of your wedding while reducing the need for excessive decor. Think outdoor settings like gardens, parks, or beaches where natural beauty takes center stage.

Invitations: Paperless or Plantable

Opt for digital invitations or choose recycled paper for physical invites. To add a touch of charm, consider seed paper invitations that your guests can plant and watch blossom, symbolizing the growth of your love.

Your invitations can bloom wildflowers, grow herbs and even vegetables! Take a look at how it works here:

Ethical Elegance When Selecting Your Dream Dress

Janene’s Bridal supports the movement towards sustainable fashion. Explore our range of new and past seasons sample wedding dresses at our San Francisco location, which when purchased help to reduce the environmental impact of new wedding dress productions.

When searching for your perfect wedding gown at Janene’s Bridal you can opt for selecting wedding dresses from ethical and eco-conscious designers that we carry in store such as Maggie Sottero.

Maggie Sottero focuses on three key areas of impact: Waste reduction, resource consumption, and protecting biodiversity.

For the Spring 2024 collections, Maggie Sottero is reimagining textile resource consumption, reducing layers without compromising the fit and quality of our gowns, and scaling up lower-impact materials in our collections. They are starting with fabrics made from recycled polyester and resource-efficient yarn-dye production.

  • Recycled polyester reduces overall pressure on virgin materials and use of non-renewable resources like oil (Source: Waste & Resources Action Program) 
  • Their recycled polyester is derived from post-consumer PET waste products (primarily post-consumer plastic bottles) and no fossil fuel feedstock is used. 
  • Yarn-dyeing production methods can create a significant reduction in water/energy use 
  • Their “Elin” Mikado is a yarn-dyed fabric; Maggie Sottero’s mill partner is achieving a 70% reduction in water use and carbon emissions in the making of this fabric. 
  • This fabric is featured in thier Spring ‘24 Emmanuelle and Miranda gowns, and the Ice Pink “Aspen” gown for Spring ‘23 

And to add in Honor of every Maggie Sottero Bride, Maggie Sottero has made a pledge that for every Maggie Sottero wedding dress purchased they will plant a tree with ONETREEPLANTED.ORG supporting biodiversity protection. So, come to Janene’s and buy a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress and help give back to our planet.

Gowns with Outer Shells Made of Recycled Materials

Addison by Rebecca Ingram
Hilo Marie by Maggie Sottero
Jackie by Rebecca Ingram

Wedding Dresses with Inner Linings Made of Recycled Materials

Carter by Sottero and Midgley
Delphine by Maggie Sottero
Jasper by Sottero and Midgley

So,Come to Janene’s and buy a Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress and help give back to our planet”

These are all just a few options of many that Maggie Sottero has to offer. Go to To find out more information about Maggie Sottero’s Sustainability Program.

Decor: Reuse and Natural Elements

Let your creativity bloom by upcycling materials for decor. Incorporate natural elements like potted plants, wood, stones, and wildflowers to bring a touch of rustic charm to your celebration.

Sustainable Savors: Catering with a Conscious Touch

Explore caterers who emphasize locally sourced, organic ingredients. A plant-based menu not only delights taste buds but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your celebration. Find local catering options in your area here at

Waste Reduction: Minimizing Aftermath

Choose biodegradable or compostable tableware to minimize waste. With all the food that is always left over after big gatherings donating the excess food to those in need ensures surplus food doesn’t go to waste. is currently delivering over 17 tons of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away. With help from their volunteer coordinator, their paid truck driver and people like you, enough food enough food can be provided for over 20,000 meals every week in San Francisco and other nearby counties.

Efficient Energy: Illuminating Responsibly

Opt for solar-powered or LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. Encourage guests to carpool or use eco-friendly transportation options to minimize the event’s environmental impact.

Favors and Gifts: Reminders of Love and Responsibility

Gift eco-conscious favors like seeds, plants, or reusable items, reflecting the love shared on your special day. Alternatively, encourage charitable donations in place of traditional gifts.

Waste Management: Eco-Responsible Disposal

Implement proper waste disposal systems with separate recycling and compost bins to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Green Registry: Embracing Ethical Gifting

Curate a registry focused on eco-friendly, sustainable, or ethically sourced gifts, promoting a conscious lifestyle beyond the wedding day. There are many options when looking for a sustainable wedding registry but one that we would recommend would be Everlastly Wedding.

In Conclusion: A Union of Love and Responsibility

At Janene’s Bridal, we celebrate the beauty of love and the responsibility to our planet. We encourage you to embrace sustainability in your wedding planning—it’s a gesture of love not just for each other but for the world we call home.

Let your wedding be a beacon of love and responsibility, a testament to the elegance and grace of an eco-conscious celebration.

At Janene’s Bridal, we’re here to help you make your dream of an eco-chic wedding a reality.

This blog aims to guide couples through the journey of planning a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding while showcasing Janene’s Bridal’s commitment to offering elegant, eco-conscious options for this special occasion.


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