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Filed in Events — June 11, 2021

Annual Wedding Dress Sample Sale July at Janene’s Bridal


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Every year we have our annual sample sale in July. This year we are hosting our sample sale from July 12th through July 18th, 2021. This is an annual event that we get really excited to host.

What is a sample sale?

A sample sale is when we have a sale in the store where we sell off some of our dresses that have been used for try-on appointments. They have never been worn to weddings or outside the store, but have been used in appointments. We have purchased these dresses. They were not free or donated. Often, a designer will discontinue a dress, so we will sell that dress in a sample sale. We also can’t keep all the dresses as new inventory comes in and so each year we go through the store and try to remove as many dresses as we can to make room for the next season. 

We get asked this all the time!! We forget that most brides looking for dresses are not familiar with the bridal terms and industry so we thought we would help you understand more of what a sample sale is and what to expect. 

Our wedding dress shop has to buy each season of dresses for you to try on from each DESIGNER.  Some designers have one new line each year, other designers have two a year. There is a spring line and a fall line. Typically each designer has about 12-25 dresses for each line for each season. Let me do the math for you, that is A LOT of dresses! 

There is a perception that the designers “give” the stores the dresses for the brides to try on and order. This isn’t true. We have to invest in each and every dress that you try on in our store. We also have to purchase every season in order for you to be able to order your dress. Stephani is a very generous boutique owner and purchases quite a few dresses each season to make sure that you have a variety to try on to find your dream dress. Currently, we have almost 800 dresses for you to choose from. This is unheard of from a boutique. 

It takes great planning to make sure that we are investing in dresses that you want to try on. These dresses that you try on are referred to as “samples”. They are the dresses that are on the floor that are used in our “try-on” appointments. They are purchased strictly to be used as a sample dress. 

Who is the sample sale for?

YOU! We have been carefully selecting the dresses that will be sold in this year’s sample sale. You have no idea how hard this is. We all have grown attached to these dresses and most of us get so sad to see them leave. However, we can’t fit any more dresses in the store, so we have to “Home Edit” and “ Marie Kondo” the dresses which are a win-win for you!

We sell these dresses off the floor in “as-is” condition at a reduced cost, which means you can get a designer dress that was “out of budget”. So many of our brides have had two weddings, one ceremony, and one reception and this has been the perfect way for them to get that second dress! 

And for those last-minute brides, you want something beautiful but you don’t want to wait any longer for a brand new gown to come in, you just want to marry the love of your life and best friend NOW, that the world is opening up, WE GOT YOU!! 

You can help us make room in our store and make it possible for us to invest in more dresses for the next season, and you can get a dress previously out of budget or a second dress at a reasonable cost. 

And with alterations, we can fit these dresses to you so no one would ever know! Sample Sales are amazing! 

This year we are hosting our sample sale in our San Francisco location. Our sample sales are cash only and first come first serve with walk-ins. Be sure to call the store to find out the times the store is open each day! This year we are able to have the sample sale for an entire week starting the third week in July.

We do not have a list of all the dresses in the sample sale as it changes by the minute, so you will have to come in and see for yourself. We cannot wait to see you!! 

Let us know if you have any questions about anything bridal. We are here for you.

SAY YES TO THE DRESS! at Janene’s Bridal Alameda or San Francisco Bay Area. We cannot wait to help you find your dream dress!. Be sure to call 510-263-8100 or email us at to schedule your try on appointment with us.

xo Team Janene’s Bridal


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