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Filed in Love finds a way — July 6, 2021

Post-Pandemic Weddings


Emerging from a seemingly apocalyptic pandemic, couples that had previous plans of getting married were postponed are now rushing to get their plans back underway and are now facing yet another hurdle when attempting to book venues, vendors, and wedding planners.

Now with restrictions loosening across California and throughout the nation, engaged couples with hopes of marriage are now finding it difficult to set a date because of the high demand of bookings that vendors, venues, and wedding planners are seeing via post-pandemic.

Bookings are said to be as far out as late 2022 to early 2023 for many within the wedding industry.

Although there were many couples that made the decision to not postpone their wedding and were married during the pandemic labeled as ‘micro weddings” did so under extremely tight restrictions and were limited to a very select few attendees, and now that things are starting to open and restrictions are being eased up these same couples now married want what they were not able to have prior, a celebration with all their loved ones.

A celebration with family and friends of two people unifying their love for one another is a major part of what most people yearn to have. So, now many couples have become super creative in order to carry on with their wedding plans. It has been said that almost 90 % of brides are seeking to have their wedding ceremony and reception hosted at outdoor venues where there would be fewer restrictions. With that said it is looking to be a most unprecedented wedding season this year and the next.

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Another side of the wedding world that is seeing a dramatic increase in business post-pandemic is the wedding dress appointment bookings at many different bridal salons, but almost seamlessly it seems to be that the popularity with some bridal shops have been the front runners for the first choice for brides when looking to buy their dream wedding dress.

One, in particular, that has been able to stand above the rest is Janene’s Bridal located in Alameda. Janene’s Bridal has grown in its adoration amongst many new brides. Some of the main reasons why Janene’s Bridal was able to claim such a foothold among many new brides during the heat of the pandemic was, because of their what seemed to be an almost perfectly timed move to their new location, still located in Alameda at the South Shore Center adjacent to the Alameda’s Crown beach.

Their new Alameda location at that time was more than double the size of the original location. This allowed Janene’s bridal to host wedding dress appointments while being able to still social distance. Stephani Hines the CEO of Janene’s Bridal with now two locations with one already mentioned located in Alameda South Shore Center and another location that recently opened in San Francisco Union Square which quickly took off and has already been ranked number 1 by “TOP 10 Bridal Salons in San Francisco”.

There were definitely some setbacks that were felt as CEO, Hines noticed a substantial decrease in the number of wedding dress appointments amid the roughest parts of the pandemic with all the postponements and cancelations due to the uncertain future that lie ahead, but simply due to the fact that the new location in Alameda allowed for brides to schedule their wedding dress appointments and still, come in while social distancing and having observed all of the safety protocols set in place was enough to provide those who didn’t want to put their special day on hold a way to feel safe while looking for their dream dress.

Now that restrictions have been lifted “it’s back to business” Stephani the CEO of Janene’s Bridal says, and now wedding dress appointments are back in full swing as brides are back in search of their perfect wedding dress.

 Janene’s Bridal prides itself in being top-notch when it comes to customer service. As it has always been Janene’s Bridal motto “brides first” is their way of doing business. “It is vital that every bride’s experience when coming into our store is one that would leave a lasting impression”, CEO Hines says.

With a selection of over 600 designer wedding dresses to choose from at the Alameda location with a price ranging from $800-$4,000 makes Janene’s Bridal favorable amongst many brides as the place that they want to go to when it comes time to find their wedding dress. Janene’s Bridal also offers a huge selection of plus-size wedding dress options for brides as well, whereas many other bridal salons do not. Another service that helps to keep Janene’s far from the reach of many other bridal salons is that they offer in-house alterations, which really keeps it simple and makes it more of a one-stop-shop when buying a wedding dress.

Janene’s Bridal location in San Francisco carries a selection of around 200 designer wedding dresses and offers a higher price point based on the wedding dresses at this location are mainly from premier wedding dress designers. Prices range from $2,800-$6,000. Their S.F. Union Square location is the only wedding dress shop where brides can find Janene’s signature wedding dress line “Lagumiere” designed by Janene herself.

So, now that many people are desperately wanting to return to a normal way of life, getting married is the one big event that is coming back very quickly, and it looks to be quite busy for the wedding industry for the next couple of years.

The one big takeaway is that regardless of what is going on in this world we live in love always finds a way!

photo cred: paigevaughnphoto

Bride and Groom: Kaelynn and Steven

Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia D2752


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