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Filed in Managing Stress — April 20, 2020

A Love Letter to Our Covid Brides


What a strange time we are in right now. The world is on pause. We are all trying to make sense of what is happening and how to navigate keeping safe with major life disruption happening at the same time.

I have been on the phone for weeks now with so many brides who are in the middle of planning a wedding in this uncertain time. The first couple of days were tough when the shelter in place order took effect. Every venue had to stop and it created a ripple effect of cancelled weddings. Now as the shock has worn off, the resiliency and hope are coming through. We have a unique set of brides that have gone through this experience that only they can understand. What an amazing group of brides handling this crisis with such grace. 

Most of our brides are looking at things through the lens of processing what really matters and are trying to prioritize that. They still want that special day and their special moment with their loved ones. Our brides are resilient and it shows in every email and phone call we receive. We are working together to come up with solutions in this unprecedented time. 

Everyone has been taking this time to plan their special day not knowing what to expect on any given day. I have talked to brides that are pushing through the disappointment and considering alternative ideas for their wedding. I had one bride call us to reschedule and sad that she was changing her venue to the San Francisco courthouse. I talked about how beautiful the courthouse is and that she will have amazingly beautiful pictures. My daughter had gotten married there the year before and it was stunning. If you rent the balcony for some privacy and get a photographer/videographer that knows the courthouse and how to fight for that perfect photo, it will be magical. She left the call inspired and more hopeful. So many brides are considering more than one event. A small ceremony to start and then a reception later. We are a modern world and what a great way to wear that dream dress one more time! 

As with every other business, we have had to scramble to figure out how to help our brides navigate through this. We have many brides that have had to cancel their weddings and may or may not have a new wedding date. We are here to help you in this time of need. 

Here are some ways that we are helping our brides:

We have at least one staff member, usually the owner, Stephani,  dedicated to help answer any questions either by phone or email. We understand that you have questions and may need to reschedule appointments and make adjustments over the upcoming weeks and months as we figure this out. 

If you have already placed an order for your dress, we have been in constant communication with our designers and shipping vendors to make sure that dresses are getting here in time. We communicate quickly with our brides on their dresses. Don’t feel like you are bothering us checking on the status of your dress. We understand completely how nerve wracking this can be with all the uncertainty. So far to date, all dresses have gotten here on time or within a week or two their estimated shipping dates. 

If you have dresses in alterations and have had to postpone your wedding, we are able to keep and store your dresses here safely. We pause all alterations and will reschedule closer to the new wedding date so that if your body changes in any way during that time we can make those adjustments as needed. We don’t want you worrying about your dress or trying to stay the same until the new wedding date.  Additionally, we are waiving our dress storage fees for our postponed brides during this crisis.

Please be sure to take care of yourself at this time. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We know this is a challenging time and we are so honored to help support those who have been affected and have had to postpone their dream wedding for the safety of others. 

Here is a video with tips for you if you have had to postpone your wedding.

We love you and are so proud of each and every one of our brides who are facing these times with grace and love. Love truly does win, even now.

Cheers to love!

xo Traci


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